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Our Heritage


Empowered by Tradition

Established in the early 1900’s, the historic Nail Ranch is a family-owned and operated business that continues to build upon a legacy of quality and pride. Today, the legacy continues with fifth generation family members directly engaged in breeding livestock in Albany, Texas as a continuous operation for over 120 years. The land has been passed down to generations to come and will continue as long as there is soil in Texas.

Jamie, Cheryl,

& Jack Nail


Our ancestors were in the cattle business in Fort Worth, Texas, leasing a lot of land around Oklahoma and Kansas, some places from American Indian tribes. They made a lot of train trips taking cattle all over the country before finally establishing roots in Albany, Texas, Shackelford County.

As the need for beef grew, so did our years in the business. Growing up being hands on and immersed into the industry aligns with our values of tradition. Our goal is to make our ranch better than what it is today - continuing to grow in the cattle industry, our horse program, and to continue our hunting business.



Just shy of 200 miles from Dallas, hosted in Albany, Texas, lies one of the states most beautiful areas, diverse in the topography and anchored in the west.

The vast land of the west captures the eye and stirs the soul. The beauty of Texas is felt while riding on horseback; its subtle earth tones, fresh air and lush green grasses.

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